Monday, March 29, 2010

Electronic Lightning Detector Camera Shutter Trigger

Will electronically trigger the shutter of your digital camera when lightning is detected. Used to photograph lightning or other "fast flash" events (fireworks, etc). Utilizes a proven, proprietary lightning detection design to detect lightning and then trigger your camera's remote shutter trigger to photographically capture lightning. Incorporates a "fast" isolated relay to fully protect and totally isolate your camera from the detector's electronics. Fast detection electronics activate your camera's shutter mechanism in 0.1 milliseconds. Works as well (day or night) as competitor products which sell for over $325, NOT INCLUDING THE CABLE. They then add another $50-$75 for the cable, bringing it to over $400!! This trigger is the product of two electro-optics engineers / "photographers" (father/son) who knew it doesn't cost anywhere near $400 to build this type of device. We first started offering it to our photographer friends, and as the demand increased, we're now offering it to all "lightning photographers" on eBay for not a whole lot more than it costs us to build it.

As we sell more and more of these, photographers have started sharing with us their own lightning photographs taken with this trigger. If you already have one of our triggers and wish to share photographs, please send them. Also, check out our Website for other Trigger Products at WWW.AEOPHOTO.COM

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